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Feel like you're missing out?

  • Do you long for something new in your relationships?
  • Does work feel like the same thing over and over again?
  • Have you lost your passion?
  • Do you feel stuck?
  • Do you wish you were more creative?
  • Do you regularly feel irritated or angry?
  • Are you struggling to get up in the morning?
  • Are you drifting more than living?

You may wonder how you got here.
I can help you "wonder" what's next.

The drift of life can leave you feeling as though you’re missing out. Aimless/bored.This isn’t a problem—it’s just part of being human.
It’s normal—but it doesn’t have to be permanent.

Hi, I'm Caitlin Baird. As a transformational coach, I work with clients—both individuals, teams and small groups as well as corporations and non-profits—to cultivate wonder. During and after coaching, clients experience a renewed sense of passion, clarity around their vision and the courage to craft a life that’s worth living.

"You won't wander into a meaningful life, but you can wonder your way into a life worth living."

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“The Clearing” Two-Day leadership training for corporate teams and non-profits.

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What Others Are Saying

John Ortberg

John Ortberg

Author of All the Places to Go, Soul Keeping, Who is this Man?, and many more.

"Caitlin has a wonderful gift for being able to communicate in a way that changes lives. She is thoughtful, honest, warm, reflective, and deeply challenging."

Amy Maxwell

Amy Maxwell

Master trainer and coach, Director of International Projects, GAP Community

"Caitlin's coaching makes a powerful impression on every person she works with. Her ability to help you question your own limitations will leave you with a renewed sense of freedom and purpose. She is committed focused and genuine. If you are looking to accelerate your mission in life, whatever it may be, I highly recommend hiring Caitlin."

Steve Carter

Steve Carter

Author of This Invitational Life & Everything to Lose: Doing the Right Thing When the Stakes are High

"Caitlin is a dear friend who has taught me so much about grace. She has a way with words, is brave beyond measure and simply reminds me of the love of Christ by the way she chooses to orient her life. She will make you laugh, make you think and consistently ask you the right questions."

Jean Marie Jobs

Jean Marie Jobs

Master trainer, Founder of GAP Community and author of The Art of Feeding Heroes.

"Caitlin’s coaching and training style is both creative and insightful. She continually challenges her self to go beyond perceived limitations and is courageous in her stand for others. She is an absolute delight!"

About Caitlin

Caitlin experienced her first transformational training the winter of 2012 and has been pursuing the transformational life ever since. She received her Bachelor’s in Business from Belmont University (Nashville, TN), completed her Master’s at Talbot School of Theology. She has been certified by GAP as both a trainer and coach.

In addition to her own coaching and training clients, Caitlin is a full-time corporate trainer for an international healthcare company. Here, she designs both character and leadership trainings and travels the US to facilitate said trainings.

She also volunteers her time with GAP Community, a non-profit designed facilitate training opportunities that empower individuals to come alive and create a lasting impact in their community.

Caitlin has a standing commitment to hope, curiosity and excitement.

She lives in Southern California with her husband of 5 years. She loves great books, red wine, dinners out with friends and the year-round smell of fall candles.


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